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Episode #20: Poetry of Atlantis

We’re ending this cycle with a little of Clark Ashton Smith’s poetry, read by Jordan Smith.

Next time, we start Hyperborea with “The Tale of Satampra Zeiros” and a special guest!

Music by Erdenstern.

Episode #19: “The Death of Malygris”

This week, we conclude the stories of Poseidonis with “The Death of Malygris.”

The story was originally rejected from Weird Tales because it (or that draft) too-closely resembled a prose poem, but it was accepted and published in April 1934.

Tim found this awesome track called “The Death of Malygris” by Aperion Project.

Next time, we’ll have readings of several Poseidonian poems by Smith.

Thanks to Erdenstern for the music and to Robert A Neri Jr for the Malygris art.