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Episode #27: “The Ice-Demon”

First, we (Tim) would like to begin by apologizing for the audio issue on this episode. It’s got an echo because Tim’s audio was messed up and straightening it out ended up with an echo. This week’s episode is “The Ice-Demon.” Our reader is @JoeScalora.

Because we were behind, the Pseudopod episode we mentioned is already out. They’ve recorded Clark Ashton Smith’s “The Ninth Skeleton.

We’ve also recorded the next two episodes, so we’re hoping not to end up with a gap like that again. Our next episode will be “Ubbo-Sathla.”

Music for this episode was: Flanicx – Meat N Bones, Flanicx – Funesto, Flanicx – Xperiment N, AlienAqtor – Tense Parte 01.

Update: Bit Behind

Tim’s been having some problems with his editing schedule and editing computer, so we’re a little bit behind. We hope to get caught up starting in early May. Sorry for the delay.

Episode #26: “The Testament of Athammaus” pt. 2

This is our second week of “The Testament of Athammaus” with guest Mike Bukowski, the illustrator behind Yog-Blogsoth, a site devoted to artistic renditions of Lovecraftian, Smithian, Howardian, and other Weird beings.

Mike has done hundreds of creatures by this point and put out three hard-to-snag volumes, which he periodically reprints. There are plenty of Smith characters on the site as well as your more classic Lovecraftian ones. Plus, he’s tackled things one doesn’t often see illustrated in Lovecraft. You may want to consider viewing them from home, however, as there’s a great deal of nudity.

The tale concludes with the abandonment of Commoriom after it has been overrun by a single, growing monster-human hybrid. Perhaps this tale could be called “if Wilbur Whately hadn’t had that little dog problem.”

Next time, we’ll be doing The Ice-Demon.

Music by Erdenstern.