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Episode #29: “The White Sybil”

This week, we follow Tortha the poet as he follows “The White Sybil.” Surely, the doom of Hyperborea is nigh.

Illustration of the White Sybil moving onward into the snow as our protagonist attempts to follow her.
From the Eldritch Dark.

Our reader this week is @CrowGirl42.

Join us next time as we discuss “The Seven Geases” with Jason Thompson.

Music credits:
Int.Elect – Last Day on Earth
Int.Elect – Call Me Back
Int.Elect – On an Edge
Int.Elect – When Day Becomes Night
Int.Elect – Epiphany

Episode #28: “Ubbo-Sathla”

This week, we’re covering “Ubbo-Sathla.” Our reader is Jordan Smith. As noted in the episode, this is the first story (chronologically) this is the first time Eibon is referenced in a CAS story. The Brundage cover we mentioned is below:

In exciting news, we’ve been nominated for a Parsec award. Thank you, listeners!

Next time, we’ll be tackling “The White Sybil” with guest reader @CrowGirl42.

Music for this episode: David G. Bonacho – Vertices en el Tiempo; Mister M – Darkness; Stefano Giardiniere – Lost at Nowhere