The Double Shadow: A Clark Ashton Smith Podcast

Episode #46: “The Voyage of King Euvoran”

Join us this week as we go on “The Voyage of King Eurovan Euvoran

Justine Jones joins us on this episode. Justine will be illustrating a Clark Ashton Smith zine for Mike Bukowski’s Seventh Church Ministries. Look for that around October. Find Justine’s art on her Tumblr:, her Illustration site:, and on her Instagram: @tean_witch. Buy her awesome Dark Souls t-shirt, too!

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Readings by B B Wolfe.

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  1. Hi! I’ve been listening to hHe Double Shadow podcast for the past few weeks and I just wanted to tell you that you’re all doing great work!

    For past 15 years or so, I’m trying to force myself into liking C. A. Smith’s stories. Although I have some favorites – Tale of Satampra Zeiros first comes to mind – I always get turned away by Smith’s frankly tiresome prose style. Which is a shame, because Smith’s stories contain amazing images, locations and situations just begging to be used in tabletop RPG adventures.

    The Double Shadow podcast helped rekindle my interest in C.A. Smith’s writing, particularly in his Averoigne cycle of stories.

    So, keep on the good work!

  2. RobP says:

    Good to hear you again folks!

  3. Awesome show! I wanna say that you guys read a quote at the beginning of the episode about The Seven Geases where Smith said something like “my imp of the perverse kept taking control of this story”. That’s definitely the case with King Euvoran too.

    Like 7 Geases, this story is the misadventure of a clueless nobleman who’s been cursed by a supernatural entity for his arrogance. It’s also not the first time you guys have described sort of the R-rated Disney atmosphere Smith creates. It’s such an apt description. If ever retro fantasy becomes mainstream and things like early D&D inspire writers and animators, CAS is the perfect model for a new trend in fiction.

    After the hyper realistic vision of Game of Thrones fades from view, I wouldn’t mind a return of Conan, Warduke and Malygris. I miss the Bruce Pennington version of the fantasy world.

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