The Double Shadow: A Clark Ashton Smith Podcast

About the Podcast

The Double Shadow is a podcast covering the weird fiction writings of American author Clark Ashton Smith. It is published approximately three times a month. We will be covering Smith’s work chronologically within his “cycles” or locations, beginning with the Averoigne stories in chronological order, then moving on to Poseidonis, Hyperborea, Zothique and Smith’s other locations/more modern stories. Our podcast takes its name from one of Smith’s stories, “The Double Shadow,” which he also used as the title of a self-published collection of his works.

Hyperborea Stories

Poseidonis Stories

Averoigne stories

The Averoigne stories in the order in which we’ll cover them (publication order) (revised 6/17/12 because of an ordering issue):

About Clark Ashton Smith

Clark Ashton Smith (13 January 1893 — 14 August 1961), was an American writer of poetry and weird fiction, an artist, and a sculptor. He was born and lived the entirety of his life in California, though he corresponded widely. Though he considered his poetry, sculpture, and paintings to be his higher forms of art, Smith is best remembered for the weird fiction he published during a prolific writing period between 1930 and 1935. After the death of his parents, whom he had supported with his writing, Smith adopted a minimalist lifestyle and chose to pursue non-commercial creative pursuits.

About the podcasters

Phil lives in Providence, RI with his wife Vicki, an amateur vampirologist. He’s written comics about Indiana Jones, Rasputin and the inevitable flow of history and movies about murder and space exploration. He probably wouldn’t accept an invite to Antarctica from Misktaonic U., but he would accept an invite to stroll through the woods around Vyones… from just about anyone. You can follow him on tumblr at

Ruth and her patiently philosophical husband live in Washington, DC where they’re surrounded by books and Cthulhus. You may run into her on the internet as Cthulhu Chick, especially on Twitter. Her tentacles are still recovering from a misunderstanding with a fishing boat off the coast of a newly-risen isle. When she’s not immersed in weird fic, she’s getting a degree in library science. Her goal is to work with the papers of famous weird fic writers…or the Necronomicon. Her hero is Albert Wilmarth. Her last name varies from week to week.

Tim Mucci writes the Tabletop Wizard column for He’s been published by Slice Magazine and has done comic scriptwriting for both Dark Horse Comics and Sterling Publishing’s All-Action Classics series. He knows about UFOs, dragons, the occult and other stuff and is excited to be talking about Clark Ashton Smith. He lives in Brooklyn with his artist wife and cat (not an artist), you can send him donuts via his twitter account: @timx13

Hats off to Mike Mucci and Andrea Sparacio for creating our amazing logo! And thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the music used on this show.