The Double Shadow: A Clark Ashton Smith Podcast

Episode #36: “Hunters from Beyond”

This week’s episode is “Hunters from Beyond.”

Paintings by Goya.

Original Cover for Hunters from Beyond

Join us next time for The Devotee of Evil.

Our reader this week is Jordan Smith.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

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  1. wrieder66 says:

    It’s not bad for a Weird Tales knock-off – besides CAS, lots of familiar names: Henry S. Whitehead, Hugh B. Cave, Sewell Peaslee Wright and Frank Belknap Long! Shame this was the penultimate issue, as it folded soon after. They even had an HPL (ghost-written) story two issues earlier (The Trap).

  2. BatmanJesus says:

    I . . . wow I wasn’t really prepared for that cover. I mean, you said it was awful but . . . wow.

    • wrieder66 says:

      and just look at Hastane’s left arm! If not for lupine Slimer in a parka, that non-Euclidean elbow would really be the focus of attention.

  3. But I… I like the cover… -_-

    I never considered the massive similarities between this story and Pickman’s Model. I like the fact that it takes place in San Francisco. On the whole, though, I prefer Pickman’s Model, not for Lovecraft’s clumsy-ass story, but for the worldbuilding: Lovecraft crams in so much backstory for his subterranean ghouls vs. Smith just grabbing some scary things out of the infinite multiverse of whateverness.

    Also, Robert Barbour Johnson’s “Far Below” is a pretty awesome direct followup to “Pickman’s Model”:

  4. RobP says:

    Good to hear you back guys!