The Double Shadow: A Clark Ashton Smith Podcast

Epilude #6: Necronomicon Reminiscing and Upcoming Story Order

In this episode/interlude, we talk a bit about what we saw and did at the NecronomiCon(vention) in August and go over what’s next for the podcast, now that we’re done with Hyperborea.

The artist Ruth mentioned was Joe Broers, whose work can be found on his deviantART gallery at this point. The Hyperborean book Tim is currently reading is Deepest, Darkest Eden, put out by Miskatonic River Press. This episode’s different introduction was composed by Mr. Tyler Crook, artist extraordinaire who will maybe someday read the stories before we talk about them. 😉

Our upcoming story order will be:

Philip Hastane/Singing Flame



  1. wrieder66 says:

    You don’t mention it in your podcast, but “City of the Singing Flame” is one of the stories available at The Eldritch Dark website in audio format. Always nice to have a CAS story in a format one can enjoy while commuting or working.

  2. Gh0stman says:

    I can’t wait for The Demon of the Flower!

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I’m working on getting the items I need for various applications of the Necronomicon.
    I’ve made the 8 rayed star crown, front let of calling, Inanna dagger…I’m making the amulet the Mad Arab picked up at the beginning of his story.
    For now… 5 questions…
    Is the Kutulu amulet he picked up the Amulet of Ur?
    Is the incantation the dark priests were reciting, the words that must be spoken during the amulets construction?
    What is the Girdle?
    The 5 rayed star… Is this to resemble the 8 rayed star on the crown? I think if it were the ARRA star , it would have said 5 points….not rays.