The Double Shadow: A Clark Ashton Smith Podcast

Episode #1: Introduction

A transcription of the episode is now available.

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The very first episode of The Double Shadow, a podcast that will explore the life and works of 20th Century weird fiction author Clark Ashton Smith. Episode One talks about Ashton Smith’s importance as a Weird Fiction author, his place in history and an overview of what the show will cover.

Show Notes:

Intro & Outro music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod.

The Averoigne stories in the order in which we’ll cover them (publication order) (revised 6/17/12 because of an ordering issue):

A map of Averoigne (click to expand):

The map was created by Tim Kirk and posted on the Eldritch Dark website.

Phil’s quoted interview with Clark Ashton Smith came from Conversations with the Weird Tales Circle. The interviewer was George Haas. Phil notes:

Haas seems to have been kind of an interesting figure, very involved in Fortean activities throughout CA and San Francisco in particular.   He wrote two accounts of meeting CAS, in one of them he notes that they got together with Anton Szandor LaVey for a cook out.  I find that idea amazing. 

The book Ruth mentioned is Selected Letters of Clark Ashton Smith, published by Arkham House, 2003.

More biographical information about Clark Ashton Smith is available on the Eldritch Dark website and on Wikipedia.

Join us next time for The End of the Story!

Music by: Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Baxter Totcher says:

    Excellent! Very much looking forward to listening to this. Will you also be making it available for non-iTunes subscription too?

  2. Jay Dugger says:

    The Dying Earth subgenre, distinct from the Last Man on Earth, has a very good early example in Hodgson’s “The Night Land” (1912). If you haven’t read that, well… C.A.S. called it, well, read his high praise for yourself.

  3. Odilius Vlak says:

    Hello there!… Wow, I’m feel like the discovery of this podcast is nothing less than the sensation of fall sleep in this time and wake up in Zothique… far away, in that fucking beautiful and dark future. I must give credit for the information to the guys of H. P. lovecraft literary podcast who mention it.

    Klarkash-Ton is by far my most loved dark fantasy author. I even got a BLOGZINE in spanish devoted in part to him, in which I have translated from the english into spanish a bunch of unpublished stories, especially those pulp science fiction published in Wonder Stories:

    Thanks for this more than deserved homage! To me, the imaginary poetic landscapes create by the prose of Smith is like what you can see in the works of Zdzislaw Beksinski.

  4. Daniel says:

    Just found your Podcast, but the download doesn’t work :-/

  5. HP says:

    Hi, any way we could get episodes 1-6 available on iTunes? Thanks! Looking forward to listening.