The Double Shadow: A Clark Ashton Smith Podcast

Episode #11: “Mother of Toads”

This week’s episode is on “Mother of Toads” (abridged version here). As with “Maker of Gargoyles,” we warn listeners that this story does contain sexual assault, in this case against a male.

IMDB page for The Theatre Bizarre in which the “Mother of Toads” adaptation Phil mentioned appears (and picture of Richard Stanley). A trailer for the horror compilation in which the “Mother of Toads” film appears The Theatre of the Bizarre. A clip in which the wife buys the Elder Sign earring.

The Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft, in which an illustrated (but not graphic novel/comic) version of “Mother of Toads” appears.

Next time, we will be reading “The Enchantress of Sylaire.”

Thanks again to Kevin MacLeod for the music.

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  1. Gary Dowell says:

    RE: Richard Stanley — he did a much better film in 1990 called ‘Hardware’, a great cyberpunk flick based on a story from 2000AD. Oddly enough, I wrote a brief piece about it just alst night:

  2. I remember when I first read this story at the age of 12 or so, I thought, with its Heavy Metal song-sounding name, it would be some kind of Cthulhu Mythos-y story about a frog demon or Tsathogghua or something. I was so disappointed. Now that I’m older, I can give it originality points.

  3. Odilius Vlak says:

    I’m damned… I can’t download the episode. In any case, it’s a slimy story. I can’t help imagine a cover about it… but for playboy.

  4. Odilius Vlak says:

    Thanks Thamogorgos…And of course, thanks to you too, timadmin. At last I got it.

  5. Dominic says:

    A great reading of a fun story. I thought the music was especially well chosen, and really enhanced the mood of the piece. Well done.

  6. Fred Kiesche says:

    Great Mother of Toads! //Marlon Brando voice on// “The horror…the horror…” //Marlon Brando voice off//

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