The Double Shadow: A Clark Ashton Smith Podcast

The “Death” of The Double Shadow and Why I’m to Blame – by Tim

Mea culpa time. Any of you who are regular listeners of the podcast will have noticed that the show’s posting schedule has been slowing down. Our two-episodes-a-month release schedule quit and split town last winter, and hasn’t really made a comeback since.

There are reasons that involve all three members of this podcast, Ruth has been working hard to wrangle a career in place. Phil and his wife had a baby this summer, but, the reality is that the majority of the blame rests on my shoulders. You see, editing a podcast takes time and effort. Making a quality product, something interesting and entertaining, is difficult, and lately I just haven’t been up to the task. The will is there, I want to keep recording and posting episodes of Double Shadow. I love this show, and I think you guys, the listeners, are awesome and insightful. I also very much believe that Clark Ashton Smith deserves this exposure, and I’m heartened thinking about the dedicated converts we’ve helped bring into the CAS fold–which is an amazing feeling.

This past winter the slow-down was due to simple fatigue. I quite honestly was tired of spending my free time working. I, like pretty much all of you out there, have a day job. Working all day in an office and then coming home to sit at a computer to edit took its toll. I got burned out, despite how much I enjoyed the end product.

This summer, however, is a different story. We recorded two new episodes, Dweller in the Gulf and Vulthoom, and I was back in the saddle, scheduling new readers (by the way, I think Alex did an amazing job with Dweller), and editing like mad. Then some freelance work started to roll in. I’ve recently been contracted to write a boutique baby journal that will be marketed and sold to “geek” parents–trust me, it’s relevant to your interests. The writing schedule on this book is pretty breakneck, and I’m just about over the hump and ready to deliver the final manuscript.

I’ve also been contracted to do some actual paid podcasting by the amazing editors over at Slice Magazine. Starting in October you can look forward to some literary fiction goodness with In the Telling.

I haven’t forgotten about you, Double Shadow! We haven’t “podfaded”! Vulthoom is half edited, and we’re going to schedule some recordings soon. Besides, we’re almost finished! Our mission when we set out was to cover all of Smith’s main settings, ending with Zothique, and Zothique’s dying sun looms bleak on the horizon.

It would be a shame to never visit that mad world with you guys.

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  1. Larissa says:

    Don’t sweat it, take the time needed, it’s worth the wait for us! I <3 the Double Shadow podcast and CAS–larissa

  2. Dirck says:

    “That which is not dead can eternal lie” and all that stuff. I can’t speak for all the lurking fans of Double Shadow, but I wager there’s a pretty fair bunch of us that can wait patiently until the next episode is possible, however long that might be.

  3. Fred Lubnow says:

    We know what it’s like to have a day job and try to do some other stuff at night plus have a family plus relax. We can wait for new episodes whenever you can get to them. We will certainly listen with relish! Take your time and we will hear from you whenever we can. Thank you for the stories you have covered! Fred

  4. Lester Ness says:

    HAS it died? Or just slowed down? Take things easy, take a nap after lunch, etc. I doubt if CAS stressed out if he could help it.

  5. jfrauchert says:

    I faithfully check the page each week waiting for the next podcast to drop.

    Zothique was a big influence on my Fantasy Roleplaying (as was Lord Dunsany and HPL). Very Swords & Sanity/Swords & Mythos stuff. So I eagerly await those future podcasts.

    Keep on Trucking.

  6. anna says:

    I am so relieved that this podcast is not dead!
    You guys have a great thing going here. I know that I personally check for new episodes every week!
    Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made to deliver such a wonderful show to CAS fans.
    Long live the double shadow!!!

  7. Alex says:

    I always check every week too. Glad to hear the podcast isn’t dead.

  8. You’re awesome and your podcast is awesome!! I totally understand the difficulty of scheduling and I appreciate this post to let us know you’re still out there. I’ll eagerly await your next episodes, whenever they may be. And please keep us informed about the new individual projects of the three of you (like In The Telling), as well! 🙂

  9. Kevin Sommerfield says:

    There are a few sites I check regularly –, (Order of the Stick), and you. You are the only podcast, and I appreciate all of the work you put in to entertaining us lonely weird fiction fans around the net. Thank you so much, and I look forward to whenever you may return.

  10. Boney Washington says:

    In the words of Big Joe Williams, Baby Please Don’t Go!

  11. Lester Ness says:

    Hopefully the New Year will include The Double Shadow awakening from hibernation and moving on to Zothique!

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