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Episode #30: “The Seven Geases” pt. 1

This week, we welcome back Jason Thompson for the first of a two part episode about “The Seven Geases.”

The walkthrough maps Jason mentions are worth checking out for any D&D player. Given the nature of this story, perhaps he’d like to do one for the episode.

A note on transcriptions, they’re proceeding apace, thanks to help from several listeners, particularly @GenusUnknown.

Next week, we’ll have the second half of the story for you!

Music Credits:
Koke Nunez Gomez — Conquerors
Koke Nunez Gomez — Fons Vitae
Koke Nunez Gomez — Hades Rebellion

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  1. Mr. Underbridge says:

    If you’re having girl problems, I feel bad for you son.
    I got 99 geases but a sibyl ain’t one.

  2. Odilius Vlak says:

    This story is really funny, and to make it funnier, I just imagine that Ezdagor instead of exclaim: “Harken then to your geas, O Ralibar Vooz,”; he says: “Harken then to your geas, O Conan the Barbarian.”

    I guess that the best way to feed Tsathoggua is sending zombies to him that can tear themselves to pieces without problem, and then put those bits of dead flesh into his toad like mouth.

  3. Dominic says:

    In this episode, you mentioned not being able to find the poetry from the issue of WT in which this was published. Have you seen this?

  4. Genus Unknown says:

    I have a hell of a time describing this story to people who haven’t read it.

    “No, it’s this really good, funny, creepy fantasy story about a guy named Ralibar Vooz who pisses off a wizard and then has to go offer himself to this toad god thing, who sends him on to this spider god thing, and nobody can find any use for him, and there are ghost dinosaurs and the wizard’s familiar is an archaeopteryx and…”

  5. BoneyWashington says:

    I’m ready, ready as anybody can be for Part 2!