The Double Shadow: A Clark Ashton Smith Podcast

Interlude #3: Transcription, Letters, and Parsecs!

A transcription is available for this interlude.

This week’s mostly announcements and excerpts from some of CAS’s letters! The delay is caused because, excitingly, we were nominated for the Parsec awards for speculative fiction podcasting! The three of us had to listen to most of the old episodes to discover what clip or clips we wanted to submit. In the end, we sent in a long clip from the first half of “The Door the Saturn,” along with an ending teaser clip. It’ll be put up on the podcast site a bit later.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve started a project to transcribe all the episodes. This will open the podcast up to people with hearing loss or other reasons for not being able to listen to podcasts, should they be interested. We’ve got a handful of the first episodes transcribed and more on the way. We’re also looking for volunteers to transcribe even one episode—let us know if you’re interested.

We’ve got “The Seven Geases” coming up with special guest Jason Thompson.

  1. bluecthulhu says:

    Those were some great insights into CAS! I might, um, borrow that love letter…

  2. You have my email now, I’ve been enjoying this podcast immensely. I would like to transcribe an episode for you guys, please send me an email with details of which ones, if any, are still available, thank you.