The Double Shadow: A Clark Ashton Smith Podcast

Episode #37: “The Devotee of Evil”

This week’s story is “The Devotee of Evil”.

Our reader is Olivia Davis.

New outro by forum member “Boney Washington.”

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Episode #36: “Hunters from Beyond”

This week’s episode is “Hunters from Beyond.”

Paintings by Goya.

Original Cover for Hunters from Beyond

Join us next time for The Devotee of Evil.

Our reader this week is Jordan Smith.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

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Episode #35: “Beyond the Singing Flame”

This week, we go “Beyond the Singing Flame.” Our reader this time is Jordan Smith.

Kevin McLeod

Episode #34: “The City of the Singing Flame”

This week, we start the Philip Hastane stories and cover “The City of the Singing Flame.” You can read the original in a flipmag viewer or in PDF. You can also check out the Eldritch Dark combined version. There is also a reading on the Eldritch Dark site, but of the combined version.

Illustration of worshippers jumping into the singing flame

Next time, we’ll be cover “Beyond the Singing Flame.”

Thanks to our reader, Joe Scalora.

Kevin McLeod

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Epilude #6: Necronomicon Reminiscing and Upcoming Story Order

In this episode/interlude, we talk a bit about what we saw and did at the NecronomiCon(vention) in August and go over what’s next for the podcast, now that we’re done with Hyperborea.

The artist Ruth mentioned was Joe Broers, whose work can be found on his deviantART gallery at this point. The Hyperborean book Tim is currently reading is Deepest, Darkest Eden, put out by Miskatonic River Press. This episode’s different introduction was composed by Mr. Tyler Crook, artist extraordinaire who will maybe someday read the stories before we talk about them. 😉

Our upcoming story order will be:

Philip Hastane/Singing Flame



Episode #33: “The Theft of the Thirty-Nine Girdles”

A transcription of this episode is available.

In this week’s episode, we close Hyperborea with a story from the, err, “master thief” Satampra Zeiros. That’s right, it’s time for the infamous “Theft of the Thirty-Nine Girdles.”

Join us next time as we reflect on the NecronomiCon conference we all went to at the end of August and go over what stories we’ll be covering next.

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